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Anyone who has read the previous posts ( Author heels fetish ) knows that I am with my wife (40 large breasts ) in stockings, suspenders and high heels for anyone, I want to see fucked. Now that I had some financial problems and trips to our club to stop swinging (which had a place we liked, but it was a long journey from the hotel). for our sex life decreased as the pressure mounted in life. Many times I 've masturbated thinking back when my wife made ​​formal and correct the dog. And as I was surrounded by strangers to him, longed to return valves. Now, I work in the city - and found a lot of attractive women is when they flash the odd bit of storage, either knowingly or not. I've always wondered if you have a typing in an elevator, or convicted in a parking lot, my hunger for sex increased. and then I realized. So that night I told the woman who had to talk to her - and she wanted to fuck. So after the kids in the bedroom and bath and bed - I slipped into her wet pussy and told her what I wanted. The basic plan was for them in the city around 11:30 in the morning, and trawls entered the city - and supposedly shopping for clothes, but flashes a large part of his leg and her big tits as drjizz she could. Of course, stockings, garters and high heels were mandatory. This was an eye out for perverted guys looking tits and legs and txt me if she thought she had found probable prey. I have a txt its clock strikes 11, was on his way - and probably not too much work doen to ask what would happen. clock 12 and another txt - 'young man behind me,' immediately grabbed my jacket and left the head officeto in the city. I txt her to find out where it drjizz was - drjizz one of the shops. told him to come at the head of another company - as soon as I got an equilibrium appeared. drjizz wore 5 inch heels patent - black stockings with a long coat. I called - and told him to go beyond me in the direction of the department store on the other sidethe way - to get into it, but a few minutes to look back, check your phone for a txt. As he walked past me - I saw the party in the mantle reveal much of her inner thigh, which always makes me go. then lokoed of the dam. A younger man followed her right, and passed along to me - obviously have no idea who I was. Good looking N - quite large, and, more importantly, went to the store. short time later, my wife did not follow far behind by his admirers. to see a classic, he stopped to check his phone and did not know what to do. drjizz The N is stopped and pulled out his cell phone not far away. OR txt to return to the store and head to the lingerie department. This has been done properly - and so have our prey. At this point I knew I had everything under control, and I followed both in kept his distance, but there was no doubt that drjizz gripped much of a eyefuly as he could. Use the stairs I txt. waiting at the bottom, as he passed me. stairs carved on themselves, so you have a great insight into their socks as they go up the stairs next to the second floor. But most importantly, I realized our friend on the flight staring, as he followed. This will be easier than I thought. I have followed both the underwear and the women's floor. Many of the racks moving closer N. I have to say I was inspecting a little out drjizz of their depth to pick up some piece of clothing, while he followed her drjizz everywhere. ladder to hit him and I. txt My wife moved, went to the hall where he was and casually away and went to look for long robes. He froze. stepped on him, bent down to pick something to study on a low shelf. The socks are plain to see, then turned to him - I heard them laugh and say something like this look - a bit cramped in here, it is not, as she rubbed her legs and breasts in front of him - ensuring that you have a good image in full view of her breasts a few. Like me, he is now equal. I 'm asking now, how far with this. Move some discreet, and part of his coat to suit your socks - sent me. is moving correctly to a hidden corner behind a display area, drjizz and after a drjizz quick glance around to explore fiction, no one is looking for, but keep in mind that both he and I were watching, she opened her coat belt , split the hair trimmed pussy and tits topless show Swingin, then as a garter belt. I could not drjizz have lasted more than 2 seconds - but my cock had leapt to attention. Now we both knew that she was not wearing a bra, or pants. Now, I approached the man. ' tits and legs,' he said. ' I beg your pardon,' stammered easy for us. Could not help my wife find the attributes of recognition, he said. I looked then began to apologize. Stop - I cut him off. I said I was in complete control of the situation - and I went to his txt in the elevator to get - go to the flower up, then right down fLoor. in case no one else in the elevator, I wanted to wait until the door closed, the movement in it drjizz - pin on the side of the elevator and pull the jacket open and suck her tits, while her fingers pussy. How do I know that she is his wife. I clicked Submit on the phone. We have seen both my wife to check her cell phone away and the bottom of the lift and pressure of the call. shot to the elevator. that moved quickly up the stairs and waited to get into the elevator. When the doors finally opened, my wife was putting on her coat and headed directly to me. Van the dead in the car that brought me to it - nodded and went straight past me. Our youth came to me - you fuck with me, which is soaked and her nipples like bullets - and my dick is so hard. Now we will soon be resolved. The second part will follow.
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